Sunday, July 24, 2011

A double page!

When I first started scrapping I had to do double pages.  Except for the first and the last page of an album... they obviously had to be singles lol  However, I think I finally moved on from them a little while after my first baby was born.  Maybe it was because I had less time and therefore single pages were quicker and easier.  Anyway, as time went on, the amount of double pages I completed became fewer and fewer.  Now I only very rarely complete a double page and it is usually only when I can't narrow the number of photos down (e.g. birthdays and Christmas).  Sooo here is my latest double page!

Yep, WAY too many photos to narrow down!  I don't often see layouts in magazines with this many photos and this much space taken up on the page, but hey, my scrapping isn't for everyone else it's for me!  So if I want to throw as many photos on the page as I can... I will!  I must admit it took me ages to glue this down.  I spend way too much time blog surfing and browsing magazines and I think this can sometimes cloud my perspective.  Yes pages do look nice when they're not too busy, and there's white space... but what good are they if they don't contain all the memories I'm wanting to preserve???  Sometimes I think I just need to let go of what 'looks good' and just scrap!  I'm thinking I will be completing more double pages :-)  Thanks for stopping by xoxox