Monday, June 30, 2014

Scrap the Boys: June Challenge

It's been so long since I've been here!  Hi!  I really haven't been scrapping a whole lot lately... either busy or just can't be bothered lol. But I did scrap with a friend a couple of weeks ago.  I thought my layout would suit Scrap the Boys latest challenge... to scrap a BIG photo.  I've had this photo siting around waiting for this challenge lol.  My cute little guy doing a bit of colouring!  His older brother LOVES art, but this guy isn't as 'into it'.  So when I stumbled across him sitting quietly (also something of a rarity for Royce) colouring I had to run for the camera!  I've even added the cute little heart he was colouring to my page :-)

Well that's it from me... it's school holidays here so I better go make the most of it... love having my boys home with me ♡♡♡  If you want to be super quick and have a go at this challenge head here.  Hope you're having a beautiful day and thanks for stopping by xoxo