Friday, August 31, 2012

Scrap the Boys - August Challenge

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I thought I would quickly sneak this in.  I'm getting an ever growing collection of artwork from my eldest son, Evan.  But Royce really is just not that 'into' it.... although in saying that, neither was Evan until his hands had the control and coordination to do what he wanted them too (he's quite fussy lol).  I think Royce might be very much the same.  Anyway, the week before last I did get a little something home from kinder.  Royce made a magic wand!!!  Very cute... and he spent most of the afternoon and evening turning the very obliging Mummy and Daddy into frogs!  So, once he was all magicianed out I asked him if I could scrap it... and yes he knows exactly what I mean by that!  He said no first, but with a 'pretty please' thrown in he replied 'sure, no worries'... he really is the dearest little mite!  SO... here's the layout

I've used My Minds Eye (On The Bright Side... LOVE this range) paper and lots of other bits and pieces :-) I'm going to enter this into the August Challenge over at Scrap the Boys.  I remember reading about this challenge a while ago, and thought it would have been last months... but no, I'm just in time!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're having a wOnderFul day!

YELLOW blog hop :-)

Hello!  Thanks for joining in our blog hop.  Here is the list of where you need to go just in case you get lost:
Kerri - you're right here!
Yellow... well, would you believe it is my favourite colour!!!  Well, yellow and green come equal first for me.  I think I love green because it always reminds me of nature, and yellow, because it is just so bright and happy :-)  I even had yellow bridesmaids dresses for our wedding!  What to take a photo of for this month though... my very first thought was wattle!   There just so happened to be some beautiful wattle at my sons school... the problem is, that it has already started dying off, and just isn't the same as what it was a few weeks ago.  So the next best thing... a layout with wattle on it!

I did this layout a while ago at a retreat I attended.  This is my beautiful boy, Evan, and his pet budgie, Cocky.  Yep, you read right, a budgie called Cocky.  His yellow like the crest of a cockatoo ;-)  Evan has Autism.  It's mild, but one of the things about Autism is that you can be a little (or a lot) obsessive-compulsive.  Evan use to be 'mad' on Buzz Lightyear and then Ben 10, but through lots of encouragement he has broadened his interests... now he has many, MANY interests... and generally just decides when he wakes up (for what ever reason I don't know) which one will be top of the list for the day.  One of them his interests is Cockatoos.  He would LOVE one of his own, but in suburbia they can be a little annoying  (for the neighbours anyway).  So for Evan's birthday this year I found this beautiful little guy who I thought would be the next best thing.  He was promptly named 'Cocky' by Evan and has very quickly tamed down and become an important part of our family.  I was a little worried to begin with as Evan does have some sensory issues, particularly around his ears and neck (haircuts are H.A.R.D.), but he seems to cope incredibly well.  Cocky does get 'ticklish', but Evan has been so careful... he really does have such a beautiful, gentle nature, particularly with animals xoxox

Here he is helping Evan with his reading... the photo is from my phone so you'll have to excuse the quality.
He's starting to talk now too... it's very cute he waits till he thinks no one is listening before he starts practicing.  He has also started mimicking some of the birds outside... and our microwave :-)

Look at that cheeky li'l face.  His sitting on my shoulder here... it is not easy to get a photo when he's on your shoulder.  Thank goodness for my cameras flip-screeny thing-a-ma-bob lol  Well that's just about enough rambling from me.  If you're still with me head on over to Leonie's gorgeous blog next!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Purple Pumpkin - August Challenge

Hi!  I'm on a roll.  Two layouts in two days... that's just about a record for me!  And I plan on getting a few cards made tonight too!  Anyway, I decided to have a go at the challenge over at Purple Pumpkin since I have a HUGE pile of their goodies in my stash.  Here is what you needed to include:
1.  Paint
2.  Use a Button
3.  Add some twine
4.  Include some fussy cutting
5.  Spray ink
6.  A flower
7.  A doiley
8.  Use two different alphas for your title
Here is my result:

Not bad... a layout completed in one day with no sketch!  Although I must say this basic layout design can be seen A LOT in my scrapbook album lol

For this layout I've used a Purple Pumkin button, flower, doily and twine.  I've rubbed paint around most of the paper edges and around the photo.  This really makes the layers pop a lot more than they would if I had used white ink.  The background has a layer of gesso and then some Glimmer Mist brushed over it with a few splatters for good measure.  I've fussy cut the Bella Boulevard (Super Stud) paper... I'm not sure whether it is technically 'fussy cutting'... but it did take me a while, and even used my craft knife to pop out a few of the squares... I don't very often use the old craft knife (I lack both the patience and skill lol), so that's pretty good for me.  And finally, I've raided my boys craft stash for a few sparkly stars and beads.

If you want to check out the DT examples and the other lovely entries head over here.  Well that's it from me... busy day ahead!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're have a wonderful day xoxo

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Greatest View Giveaway - Greatest View

Second post for the day!  I just had to blog about this. 

Greatest View Giveaway - Greatest View


Not only because you can win this lovely prize, but because I wanted to share the page... I don't know how I haven't stumbled accross them before... maybe I have, but haven't had the time (or money) to have a decent look. Well, OMG, lots of gorgeous handmade bits and pieces. I really do like to buy unique, handmade products. Especially when they're made in Australia :-)  I'm actually thinking I might go put in an order now... but I'm pretty sure that badge with a yellow feather says 'gentle'... I already have a definite use for that one!!!  Yikes!!!

Stuck?!: Bonus Sketch #2

Good morning!  I scrapped last night... woohoo!  As I've said before, I'm not a natural when it comes to scrapbooking, or anything artsy for that matter.  So sometimes it's actually hard work for me... I still love it though.  Sketches are always a great help to me and I usually follow them pretty closely.  This layout is based on the second bonus sketch over at Stuck?!  They are have extra sketches this month as they are celebrating their birthday :-)  Head here to check it out!  They're also having a blog hop with lots of goodies up for grabs.  That finishes this Sunday, so head here if you want to have a go of that.  Okay here is my take on the sketch:

These photos were taken at Lake Tooliorook.  As you can see I've rotated the sketch clockwise, but other than that it's pretty much spot on.  It's a simple layout, with nothing very tricky involved at all.  I think sometimes it's very easy to get wrapped up in the latest techniques and products and forget the reason why we scrap in the first place... although in saying that it is always fun trying them :-)  

I've used the Lime Twist range from My Minds Eye, buttons from A li'l somethin (who happen to be having a sale tonight), and the vinyl heart and twine are from Purple Pumpkin.  Well I better be off... I have fathers day gifts and cards to organise... and I promised Royce I would take him for a ride on his bike now the weather is looking nicer!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're having a beautiful day xoxox

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Purple Pumpkin: Washi Tape Giveaway!

Lookie here!!!  As they say, "Ya gotta be in it to win it" :-) 

Purple Pumpkin: Washi Tape Giveaway!  Really hope I win as a lot of there stock is sold out at the moment... I was just WAY too slow!  Thanks for stopping by and I will be back tomorrow with a layout!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Winter Blog Hop winner!

Good afternoon!  Sorry... just a little late.  Both boys are home today, but that's really no... just completely forgot.  Here is the winner of my random draw.  In case you can't see (or read my writing) that is number 11.

Which is... Lizzy Hill.  Congratulations!!!  I will be in touch with you shortly to get some details from you.
While I'm here I might just share a quick layout...
Some pretty Prima flowers, a title using my Making Memories slice, some butterfly stamps coloured with my Copics... and see the pretty leaves... cheap earring from Kmart!!!  Love them!  That's it from me for today.  Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by :-)