Monday, June 14, 2010

My First Post!!!

Yes... I have finally taken the plunge with a blog. I'm not really much of a talker so I'm not really sure how I'll go with this... and I'm not very organised, so the posts may be rather sporadic too. However, I do enjoy scrapbooking and (oh so slowly) moving into the world of stamping and cardmaking... and I also enjoy a challenge! So many challenges these days require you to have a blog to enter... so here is my blog! Ok, so I'm going to jump right in and enter my first online 'blog candy' give away. It's for the online store Scrapbooking Allsorts which have lots of yummy goodies. I haven't actually put an order in... yet lol. Now I'm not sure, if they're still there, as I haven't been in quite a while... but I did pick up some bargains from them at their stall at the Geelong Show Grounds... why I haven't been there in so long is a mystery! Okay, to to enter all I have to do is show a pic of their candy (YUM!) and a pic of my latest creation. This was actually completed a few weeks ago at a scrapbooking retreat. Yes it's my latest creation... so sad. It's a pic of my youngest looking so grown up with his cute vest on... until you notice the dummy lol.

I have plans on completing a card soonish for another challenge. I have recently discovered Copic Markers and digital stamps!!! Loving digital stamps at the moment... cheap, reusable and take up no space what so ever!!!! Thanks for visiting xoxox


  1. Hi Kerri, he sure is a smart dresser. Great boy coloured layout. Thankyou for sharing with us at Scrapbooking Allsorts and best of luck with your blog it looks great.

  2. Hey Kerri, awesome to see you have a blog now too! I will be able to see all your latest creations yay! And I love this layout. It is so effective. Great job honey *hugz*