Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Scrap Space

Hi all.  Well I've been blog hopping again today... I think I spend way too much time blog hopping, and not enough time scrapping, but there is just SO much inspiration to be found on the net!  Anyways, I made my way to Nadia Cannizzo's blog and she has a giveaway going on.  For this... you need to show us where you scrap!  OMG, the best idea because I am seriously addicted to looking at peoples scrap spaces lol  Just love getting storage/space saving/decluttering ideas!  I have been meaning to show my space for a while so here we go... 
We have recently extended our house and I have been so lucky to get my own scrap *cough, cough* I mean study/guest room.  Needless to say I LOVE IT!  It's a decent size room and I can happily spend hours in there.  I often joke to my hubby that all I need is a fridge and coffee and tea making equipment and I'll never have to leave... he doesn't think I'm very funny :-/

Anyway, here is my space--->

I apologise now for the bad pics.  I should have taken them during the day when it was nice and sunny, but the room wasn't quite so tidy then :-/
I have lots of drawers and shelves.  My aim is to keep the desk reasonably spacious... I'm finding that hard.  I have just my main tools, my adhesives and my slice (which I have finally started using more regularly) on the desk.  All the need to do is put up a few photo frames on the wall above my desk and then I think I'm done!  I love that my desk is high enough for me to stand at when my back gets sore.  I have "borrowed" my hubbies bar stools, just as I "borrowed" his bar to scrap at before this room was built lol  I gotta love him to bits... he is very umm... tolerable.

Here's the bigger picture---> 

I have two lovely big desks... one for me and one for if my boys or nieces want to do some craft or if friends come to scrap (that's usually my best scrapping buddy Mandy).  My aim with the "guest" desk is to keep it clear, except for my sewing machine, although I'm finding that really difficult!  I cleaned it for the photo ;-)  Eventually I would like to get a little flat screen telly to declutter more, but it's really not a priority.

Here is my awesome trolley that I got from Office Works--->

THE best storage investment EVER!
All my paper is on here.  It also holds my Copic Markers, sewing box and lots of hooks to hang my alphas, bling etc.  It's great as it goes under the desk when not in use and keeps the room a little less cluttered :-)  Blu-tacked onto the top is an old cake tray where I usually keep projects on the go.

Here is the computer on the other side of the room --->

I have fake flowers as I'm not so good at keeping real ones alive... although I do seem to be doing well with the boys Sea Monkeys lol

Finally, here is my beloved bookshelves, deep purple feature wall and futon (otherwise known as Mandy's bed lol)--->

When I was in uni I dreamed of having a wall of books...  kind of like that library of 'enry 'iggins's in My Fair Lady lol  Well it's not exactly the same, but it's still pretty cool!  I often sit here and have a cuppa while I chat to my hubby if his on the computer looking at motorbike stuff.  Or, just chilax and read a book... or scrapbooking magazine.

I still have to pinch myself sometimes to believe that this is my room.  I love it and am thankful everyday for my husbands hard work making our dream home come true xoxox  Well almost... my kitchen is still stuck somewhere in the 70's lol But we will get there. 

Well, I'm off to check out other scrap spaces.  If you want to show your space to Nadia or check out some other great spaces go here.

Oh just one final thing before I go.  My dear li'l boy just celebrated his 3rd birthday.  His so beautiful and although I love to see him grow... I really do sometimes wish he could stay this age forever.  Here he is enjoying his birthday.  Now can you see why I'd love to keep him li'l??? lol 

Love you Royce xoxox
Thanks for coming to look and I hope you have a wonderful day xoxox


  1. thank you for visiting my blog...
    i also like looking at other people's craftrooms and taking ideas!!!

  2. This looks awesome Kerri, I am certainly jealous of your space, and you keep it so nice and tidy ... perhaps you can declutter mine sometime lol
    Hugs Honor xo

  3. Kerri everything looks to be very organized! I believe you have a very beautiful place where you can create!

  4. Oh this is sooooooooo beautiful! I love it. How lucky are you that you have your own room...!! I love how neat and organised everything is. Thanks so so much for taking part in this challenge. Good luck with the draw!xoxox Nadia.

  5. kerri your room is so special....very organised and tidy....enjoy!